Increasing temperatures gradually next week

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – After a COLD beginning to our weekend, relief is going to be on the way! There will be a steady increase in our temperatures starting Sunday.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Today was a cold but pretty day, a nice mix of sun and leftover cloud coverage. The clouds will continue clearing away, leaving us with a mostly clear sky tonight. Temperatures are going to drop, heading below freezing. Heading to church in the morning? Bundle up!

SUNDAY:  Some frost is possible on grass and car windshields in the morning. Maybe give yourself a little extra time to defrost before hitting the roads. A slight warm up. Temperatures are expected to be in the lower 50s by Sunday afternoon. Sky conditions will remain mostly clear and sunny. There will be another night of below freezing temperatures, so layer up the kids before sending them on their way to school Monday morning.


NEXT WEEK: The temperature climb will continue! Throughout the week, temperatures will gradually work their way back into the lower 70s by Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday also has the chance of bringing back some rain into the forecast, ending the week with cloudy and wet conditions.

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