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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-It’s more common in larger cities to see counterfeit items for sale, but it’s a growing problem throughout our viewing area.

We may live in the South, but popular name brands like Toms and Rayban are no strangers to us, but when you purchase these items are they the real McCoy?

“When certain things are really hot, an example would be like Ugg Boots or a North Face jacket, they’re quick to get on the things that sale a lot of,” says Lex Jackson.

Often times when people purchase brand name items like North Face, Costa, and Ralph Lauren they’re really purchasing counterfeits. General Store manager at Reeds, Lex Jackson says those types of purchases are what hurts stores and consumers.

“Well of course we hate it for the customers and it hurts our store in the fact that people think they’re buying this name brand that we sale and they end up getting an inferior itself because they think it is the real McCoy and it’s not,” says Jackson.

Some believe counterfeit name brands are just now becoming a problem in recent years, but Jackson says it’s always been around.

“There was a store on Main Street in Columbus a year or so ago that was selling counterfeit goods and you know the thing is they sale so few that by the time the company is called they may have no inventory,” says Jackson.

So why do people purchase a fake verses the real deal?

“Because it’s cheaper. They just see it as being the real thing or they just say they want to have a North Face jacket for $50 that costs $165 at Reeds,”says Jackson.

So the next time you are out shopping, make sure the price tag matches the name brand.


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