Johnson twins find music and creative passion through artistic talents

The twins' mother figured out a way to help her boys become verbal, through music

CHICKASAW COUNTY, MISS. (WCBI) – Twin brothers from Chickasaw County are making a name for themselves by writing and producing their own music.

Whether they’re at band practice,  or in choir, Kirk and Kirklyn Johnson are right at home whenever they are making music.

And when the twins get home after school, the music continues, with sister Lasarah, and their parents, Stan and Shea.

Stan and Shea Johnson noticed their twins love of music not long after Kirk and Kirklyn were diagnosed with autism at age three.

“Noticed Kirklyn was able to keep beat, boxes, pots and pans.  Kirk, I bought him a xylophone with a piano on it.  Came home from a service one Sunday and he played a song he heard at service without any lessons,” Shea said.

And although they were non verbal, the twins would mimic music in cartoons and commercials.  One day, not long after Shea became a stay at home mom, she had what she calls a God inspired idea.

“If they can mimic cartoons , songs and through learning that way, what would happen if I take some tunes but substitute abcs and numbers in those tunes.  I started switching numbers and letters in songs, that’s how I taught them colors, numbers and the alphabet, through singing,” Shea said.

Shea’s musical method helped her twins become verbal , learn the alphabet and their numbers.

For Kirklyn and Kirk, music is a vital part of life.

“It’s important, due to us feeling unrestricted, we play music and our minds open a lot of creativity, like, we do our own thing,” Kirklyn said.

Stan Johnson, who is also pastor of the House of Mercy Church, where Kirklyn is worship leader, says he has learned a lot from his sons.

“Times may come when you get discouraged , but keep going, make sure you are present in their lives, parents dealing with children with autism, may not be verbal, your presence is the most important thing, could open up something and tap into something you didn’t think they had,” Stan said.

Little sister Lasarah says she’s proud of her older brothers, who graduate high school in a few weeks.

“They mean the world to me, I love them so much, watching them become amazing men of God, happy to see them functioning,” Lasarah said.

Their parents say Kirk and Kirklyn are examples of God’s faithfulness.

“There was a time we couldn’t see this happening, they couldn’t talk, couldn’t verbalize, to see them progress from non verbal to getting ready to walk and get their diplomas, go on with futures, is amazing, and we’ve witnessed it from the beginning,” Stan said.

Kirklyn plans to attend NEMCC for two years.  He wants to eventually become a music instructor.   Kirk will attend the Access Program online at MSU.  He plans to pursue a career as a music producer.


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