Kroger cashier tricked into “flim flam” game

OKTIBBHEA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Starkville Police Department is looking for two suspects accused of “flim flam” at Kroger.

The two women who spoke in heavy foreign accents are accused of going into the grocery store and distracting a clerk at the customer service area.

They cause deliberate confusion while the clerk gives them change.

The suspects were able to leave the store with $2,000.

Corporal Brandon Lovelady explained the scam commonly referred to as “flim flam.”

“Sometimes this is done with two or more people, but it can be done with one. They’ll cause a distraction and it will confuse the clerk to how much money has been passed back-and-forth. May palm some money, slide some money up their sleeve or something like that,” said Lovelady.

Officer Lovelady said this type of crime happens periodically, mostly in supermarkets.

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