LCBS proposes incentive pay plan to retain long-term employees

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Economic Development can be a double-edged sword for a county. On the one side, it’s always good to have new high-paying jobs come in.

But, on the other, sometimes experienced county employees are the ones leaving for those greener pastures.

That reality has Lowndes County Supervisors looking into ways to retain long-term employees.

At today’s meeting, the board heard a proposal from County Administrator Jay Fisher about rewarding employees who have five years or more with the county.

Given the tight labor market and higher pay in the private sector, supervisors approved an incentive pay plan for those long-term employees.

“We really want to retain who we have, and those longer-term employees are very valuable to the county. And this is one way we can try to do something to make sure they know that, and that they feel good about staying in their jobs and not seeking other employment elsewhere,” said LCBS President Trip Hairston.

The incentive pay will be based on the length of employment. Workers with five years of service will see an extra $0.25 an hour. That goes up to an extra $0.50 an hour for those with 10 or more years, and $0.75 an hour for those employed 15 or more years with the county.

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