Legislation to cut half of Alabama’s 4% sales tax on groceries advances

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WCBI)- Another talking point in the Mississippi Governor’s Race has been tax cuts.

Tate Reeves wants to do away with the state income tax.

Brandon Presley wants to slash the sales tax on Groceries.

Across the state line, a bill that would cut Alabama’s grocery tax in half is moving through the legislature.

Alabama currently has a 4% sales tax on food and is one of only three states that tax groceries at the same rate as other purchases.

The 4% tax provides $608 million annually to the state.

The Associated Press says the bill has been unsuccessful for decades but the budget surplus and soaring food prices have allowed it to gain traction.

The bill is headed to the House of Representatives and if passed, the tax percentage would be gradually removed.

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