Transportation with a twist in Starkville


STARKVILLE, Miss (WCBI) – There’s a new way to get from here to there in Starkville.

Lime Scooter is bringing more foot traffic to downtown Starkville.

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“They just showed up, they have a test script, about 25 of them and they have been a huge hit, seen lots and lots on the streets,” said Mayor Spruill.

The Lime bikes are already a hit.

Operations Manager John Usury said he’s eager to see how people react to the scooters.

“It’s a test pilot to supplement our E-bikes, our multi mobile company. We’re trying to provide different ways of transportation and scooters in Starkville, specifically because they are the next chapter,” said Usury.

With a quick scan and dollar ready, accessing a motorized scooter is simple enough.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said they are useful and not an impediment to the already active S.M.A.R.T Transportation System.

“It gives a level of energy that just makes it fun. From that perspective from a serious transportation it certainly offers an alternative way to get around,” said Mayor Spruill.

“Whether it’s older people or younger people everybody seems to be excited about it,” said Usury.

For now, you can find the Lime Scooters around the downtown area. The decision to put scooters on the Mississippi State campus is still up in the air.