VIDEO: Our Lives Matter March Meets Goals

By Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — Hundreds of people gathered in Tupelo for march and rally calling for justice in the killing of a black man by Tupelo police.

A helicopter patrolled overhead.

Participants in the Our Lives Matter march gathered in the parking lot of the Bancorp South Arena. Protesters then headed out carrying signs and peacefully proceeding along their assigned route. They then gathered in Fair Park in front of City Hall to call for justice in the case of Ronnie Shumpert.

“No more innocent men! Unarmed men! An overkill! Five bullets! Four bullets in a man! With no gun!”, said protesters.

“We thought it was a great march today, everybody stayed on task as far preaching as to what we need to do to make this a better city for everybody”, said Tupelo attorney and event leader Kenneth Mayfield.


Ronnie Shumpert

As promised, the organizers of this march made sure it was very peaceful, with prayers and calls for “Justice for Shumpert.”

“Black lives do matter I mean all lives do matter for that sake. It’s just getting your voice out there and wanting to be heard. That family they want justice and I want justice for them, that’s my insight on it”, said Desmond Williams.

“Very great family friend. I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and I just hope that our city sees that. Our law enforcement sees that and we just get better, we grow from this we get better”, said Gidget Riley.

Tupelo mayor Jason Shelton addressed the media in a news conference prior to the protest.

“This is a fundamental right as an American, whether we agree or disagree”, said Shelton, “If we have a strong opinion or no opinion or what the protest is about, the group’s have a fundamental constitutional right to engage in these demonstrations and the city of Tupelo is committed to protecting those rights.”

“There’s talk of bringing in Al Sharpton to help lead a much larger rally here within a couple of weeks. And also there is a seletive buying campaign that’s underway surveying the stores. Those surveys will start going out next week”, said Mayfield.

Mayfield said they plan to support stores that support their cause.

“…one of the causes is an independent investigation for Ronnie Shumpert. We’re also asking for an independent police review board. We’re asking that the rebel flag, this confederate flag be brought down over the city of Tupelo.”

The Mississippi State flag containing the confederate flag symbol was replaced by a city of Tupelo flag Saturday.

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