Local authorities warn giving false information can lead to criminal charges

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Nobody wants to get in trouble with law enforcement, and in some cases, people will go as far as claiming to be someone else in an attempt to protect themselves.

Running into law enforcement isn’t scary but people who are looking to hide the truth will do anything to get out of a situation.

But giving false information can get you charged and even land you in jail.

Working in law enforcement for almost 30 years Assistant Chief Kennedy Meadors has seen it all.

He said people using a false ID is more common than you think.

He said usually it’s because they already have a history with law enforcement, and they’re trying to cover their tracks.

“Majority of the time if they have already been in trouble and they don’t want to go to jail at that particular time then that’s why because they probably have a warrant for them,” said Meaders.

Sheriff Eddie Scott said he’s learned to expect that sort of thing and makes sure his deputies pay attention and follow up.

” You’ve got to expect that nobody is going to tell you the whole truth. You’ve got to build a case. You’ve got to put it together over time and that’s where the experience with the investigators comes in to make this happen, ” said Scott.

Although someone could be lying, law enforcement can only arrest someone if they can prove it.

That can be difficult to do on the spot.

The Assistant Chief said it’s crucial for his patrol staff to be conversational and active listeners.

“If you sit there and be a very attentive listener you can really and truly hear what these people are saying. You’ve just got to actively listen to these people and they will tell you exactly what’s going on. Some will talk more than you want them to talk but just let them talk,” said Meadors.

If it is proven that an individual has committed a false ID crime, they can expect to do time.

“There is a misdemeanor charge that we will charge if it’s hindering the prosecution which can be charged as a misdemeanor with one year up into the county jail. On the felony side of it, if we are doing a felony investigation and somebody is continuously lying to us and we know they are lying once we prove it we can charge them also for hindering the prosecution. This is a felony charge and can carry up to five years, ” said Scott.

Both the Sheriff and Asst. Chief said that most people who are running from trouble will stay in trouble, so it’s just a matter of time until they get caught.

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