Local first responders prepare for severe weather

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- When severe weather is on the horizon, you’re not the only one making a plan. First responders and utility workers also prepare to respond after the storm has passed.

“Heed the warnings get somewhere and stay put until you get the all-clear,” said Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott.

Scott said he has been here before; getting his deputies ready to respond if there are emergencies after a storm.

“Any time we have a major weather event like this our first and foremost concern is about our community. We try to be ready to prepare our resources because what may miss us may hit our neighbors in another county so we try to be ready to go assist them,” said Scott.

Scott and his staff also know it’s sometimes a joint effort; so they’re prepared to partner with any agencies to help wherever needed.

“If somebody gets in a situation where we have to get them out we’ll coordinate with whatever agency that we need to do, you know, to get our people to safety. At that point and time, we’ll be mainly keeping our roadways clear so our first responders can get to these areas where we have an instance at,” said Scott.

Linemen at 4 County Electric in Lowndes County are sticking to the normal protocol, but know they could be called to help restore power after a storm.

“Today, for now, knock on wood, it is just a normal day until we have some damage and then we’ll go respond to that. it’s just a waiting game you sit back and you wait and you hope for the best that whatever happens is minimum and that nobody gets hurt, but you prepare for the worst because we’ve seen this in a lot of springs where you know severe weather and tornados come through and cause a lot of damage,” said 4 County Marketing Director Jon Turner.

Turner said the team at 4-County prepared just like they would for a winter weather event.

“Ice storms are sort of the worst thing that can happen to a system because it kind of it kind of hits your system-wide, but with a weather event like today it could be much of the same,” said Turner.

Whether it’s restoring power or racing to an emergency call, those who help after said the public can help them by being patient and staying put.

“We want to remind people. Once you get these warnings get to a safe place and stay there because it endangers the first responders trying to get to you also,” said Scott.

First responders say they are just one call away and are hopeful that damages are limited to none.

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