Local florist prepares for rush of Valentine’s Day orders

There are 11 days until Valentine's Day which means it's not too late to get your loved one something sweet

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – There are 11 days until Valentine’s Day which means it’s not too late to get your loved one something sweet.

Chocolate and teddy bears are two of the go-to items, but flowers are right up there too.

Bruce Sansing at Noweta’s said things haven’t slowed down from one holiday to the next.

“Immediately after Christmas, we start preparing for Valentine’s day and the orders start coming in soon after that, and now a week or so out we’re steadily getting calls and orders and we’re trying to get prepared,” said Sansing.

Leading up to the week of the Day of Love, Sansing said he usually adds some extra manpower and orders five times as much as normal.

Fortunately for him and other florists, they haven’t run into any issues this year.

“We have not had any issues obtaining the flowers, they grow in South America and there have not been any issues. If there are any issues like there was last year it was transportation issues but there are plenty of flowers available and they’re out there,” said Sansing.

Many flower shops don’t just have flowers though; for valentines day they stock up on chocolates, bears, and goodie bags.

Sansing encouraged people to order ahead of time and to make sure that when they’re ordering that you’re talking to a real person.

“So many companies out there gather orders and they’re not a florist and will send orders through wire services and so try to keep the money in the town that you’re ordering at and be sure you’re talking to a florist,” said Sansing.

Sansing said it may slow down a little after Valentine’s Day but things will pick back up going into what he likes to call Wedding Season.

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