Local Insurance agent says that getting insurance gives peace of mind

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – On stormy days people are worried about their safety and what damage they might find after the storm is over.

Weather is unpredictable.

One day you may have the sun beaming through your car with the windows down and the next day you just might have flash flooding and a tree branch in your car.

During times like these, it isn’t a bad idea to be prepared.

Insurance agents like Kristin Tate from alfa insurance say that during a storm she and her team are always ready.

“We do prepare for storms and one of the biggest ways we prepare for storms is our home office is always on alert,” said Tate.

Tate says that even before a storm she is aware of what is going on and it is always ok for her customers to call and be sure of the plans that are put in place.

“We do policy reviews for our customers and that gives them peace of mind and lets them know what they have, if everything is in good standing and we do have customers who will call us prior to the storm just to double-check, ‘am I covered on this, is this good, has this been taken care of?’ ,” said Tate.

When the storm is calm, Tate says her phone won’t be and that is all part of her job.

Even after office hours, she is still prepared to go where ever the wind takes her.

“After a storm, my customers have access to my cell phone and I actually have photos and have received photos from damage and this takes out a lot of time and there is no wait time when our customers file a claim. They call me directly. They call my assistant directly and we get that taken care of and they are able to send me a text of the damage and I’m able to send that straight to our home office so we can cut down on wait times,” said Tate.

Tate said she does this for the love and safety of her community and being able to work with her customers locally on a daily basis is why she does what she does.

Tate said working with a local agent means clients aren’t sitting on hold or having to wait for office hours when they need help.

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