Local power company encourages customers to save energy

TVA Rolling Blackouts

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Last night 4-County electric consumers experienced power outages due to heavy wind and cold temperatures. But according to the power provider’s CEO, this morning’s outages were part of a bigger plan with the Tennessee Valley Authority to converse energy.

“This has never happened in the history of 4-County, TVA needed our help. We needed to shed 5 percent of our load, which is about 15 megawatts, very fast, so one way we did that is we reached out to our commercial loads and asked them to reduce and we went into rolling blackouts,” Brian Clark said.

Brian Clark said because it’s so close to Christmas, cooking and family time are important, But even amid the celebrations, Clark reminds you to only use the electricity needed.

“If you feel like you are consuming more electricity than you should be, our marketing department has energy-trusted advisors that you can call. We can come and do an energy audit on your home. We will educate you on weather stripping and look for gaps in your house to help you be more energy efficient,” Brian Clark said.

And while the rolling blackouts may have been an inconvenience to some 4-County customers, Jon Turner said this is a shared sacrifice for a shared necessity.

“Power is a tenuous thing that there are things we all have to sacrifice a little bit for the greater good to make sure that if we have to be out for half an hour because it’s aggravating and we have to wait on something or we didn’t get notice we were going to be out as quickly as we might want it means that we all done our part to make sure the entire Valley will have power for a long period of time and we’ve done our part to make sure the system doesn’t all come crashing down,” Turner said.

As for any rolling blackouts in the future.

“Remember we are still in come cold weather. I think TVA has mitigated the issue, but we may have to address it again before the weekend is over with, but I think right now, what I am hearing from TVA we are in good shape,” Clark said.

To get those energy-saving tips you can call 4-County at (662) 327-8900 or visit their website by clicking here.

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