Locals showcase homes, city in Columbus Spring Pilgrimage

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus Spring Pilgrimage is underway. It’s where homeowners can show off their antebellum homes and others can see the architecture, style, and history in the homes.

The homes are privately owned and homeowners said restoring is something they love to do for themself and the community.

The Chandler Beckett Home is owned by Joe Beckett.

It is formerly known as the Haley Reeves Home.

Beckett said Columbus is one of the rare, few cities that still have homes like this left as a lot of them were burned before the Civil War.

He is a restoration contractor who is passionate about the antebellum homes in Columbus and said they are an architectural work of art.

“I hope people see the labor of love here to preserve these homes and the efforts that Columbus, the city boards, and homeowners have put into this for tourism of the town and people become aware of what Columbus has to offer,” Beckett said.

President of the Preservation Society Jace Ferraez said the pilgrimage helps show others the city of Columbus and brings an economic boost to the local businesses.

“There’s so much going on here. Whether it’s the arts committee, historical education, I mean, you name it. We’re the city that has it all,” Ferraez said.

Ferreaz said he likes seeing others from out of town visit Columbus. But he also wanted to encourage those who live in Columbus to join in on the pilgrimage and other events taking place.

The pilgrimage runs from April 2 through April 21. For more information, go to visitcolumbusms.org

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