Louisville police department creating plan to cut down crime rate

Louisville experienced four shootings within a week

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Gun violence isn’t specific to one area and as the old saying goes; bullets don’t have a name on them. Louisville experienced four shootings within a week and the police department is working to make arrests and prevent further crimes from happening..

On Tuesday night, November 9, 2021,  there were shots fired near a gas station at the intersection of Spring Avenue and Main Street where one person was grazed by a bullet; then on Thursday just a couple of blocks over, more shots were fired at a car wash on Ivy Avenue.

“It was two juveniles and two adults and their arrest is forthcoming or imminent,” said Louisville police chief Sean Holdiness.

Holdiness said the gunfire didn’t stop there; early Friday morning, Friday, November 12, 2021, the police responded to another shots fired call. This time there were severe injuries.

“Mr. Keith Hickman was shot in the abdomen he in fact received first aid from one of my officers who stopped the bleeding and patched the wound as best as he could to stop the bleeding as best as he could until patient care ambulance got there he was then immediately transferred to Oktibbeha County hospital where he went into surgery,” said Holdiness.

That Friday turned out to be a long day. There was a second shooting at the intersection of Mill Street and Spring Avenue; no one was injured, but they did find a shooter.  Holdiness said he does feel that some of the shootings are connected.

“I feel certain that at least two of the incidents are connected because we have reason to believe that the shooting on Friday was related to the shooting early Friday or late Thursday night. It’s our understanding through investigation that it was probably for intimidation,” said Holdiness.

The Louisville Police Department is doing what it can to stop the violence at home and bring the shooters to justice, but the chief said they can’t do it without help from the public.

“People as citizens have a responsibility as well to help us so if you know something you need to say something,” said Holdiness.

Holdiness tells WCBI that they plan to make arrests connected to the car wash shootings early Tuesday morning November 16, 2021.

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