Lowndes County now holds valuation of over $1 billion

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Last year property in Lowndes County was valued at $980 million.

That value has now gone over $1 billion. But what does that mean?

Just about 10 years ago the value of the property on the Lowndes County tax rolls was $532 million.

Today, that number has almost doubled.

The County’s value is now $1.46 billion.

Greg Andrews, the Tax assessor and Collector for Lowndes County, explained to WCBI how he got that number.

“We take the city’s value the city schools’ value, the county value, the county schools’ value, and the public utilities and add them up and that will be the total value of Lowndes County as a whole,” said Andrews.

Andrews even gave a few numbers if you want to do the math.

“So, for instance, the city of Columbus is $190 million the city schools are about $220 million the county schools are $500 million. As you see we add those numbers up which gives you the total assessed value of the county,” said Andrews.

And the value simply means the price of every piece of land in the county.

“The value of all the land in Lowndes County all of the houses in Lowndes County the commercial buildings in Lowndes County, all the Industries in Lowndes County as a total,” said Andrews.

And this isn’t the first time we have hit $1 billion, but due to depreciation a few years ago the number dropped.

However, Andrews said with planned industry expansions, he believes the numbers will increase over the next two to three years.

“I think it’s very possible in ’23, ’24, and ’25. I think that we will reach $1.5 billion because of the new investment that is coming in here,” said Andrews.

There are fewer than 10 counties in the state to be valued at or above $1 billion.

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