Lowndes County Supervisors see about taking local issues to legislature

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – There’s a saying in the world of politics: All politics is local. Today, Lowndes County Supervisors met with State lawmakers to see about taking some of those local issues before the Legislature.

The 2023 Legislative Session starts in a few weeks, and supervisors have some matters that will need what is known as Local and Private or L and P approval.

A couple of the plans center around the spending of ARPA money. Lowndes County would like to contribute $1.7 million of its share to nine local non-profits that provided support during the pandemic.

A big issue is the 2% restaurant tax. It comes up for reauthorization every four years, and 2023 is one of those years. Supervisors would like to get that changed to a 10-year renewal, and they do have support for the extension.

“I think with everything that’s happening in Lowndes County with our new economic development, new industrial projects, that we will need this extra 2% going down the road, and we do have a loan for the park, for the recreation park out in Lowndes County. That’s a 12-year loan, so this 10 years will help us with paying off that loan,” said Representative Dana McLean (R) District 39.

Supervisors are also working to get more flexibility in helping rural water and sewer authorities.

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