Macon Police searching for a suspect that invaded a residents home

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – A Macon couple survives a violent home invasion, and now police are looking for the suspect.

A Macon couple woke up to a frightening scene just after midnight Thursday morning.

Sandra Miller couldn’t believe what she saw when she opened her eyes.

“We were sleeping hard and there I woke up and there was a face right in front of me,” said Miller.

Her husband Rollin Miller says he tried everything he could to protect his wife.

“I took my feet and kind of pushed him off of her and he told me ‘im going to rape your wife and you just stay away and don’t you interrupt and if you do I’m going to kill you,” said Miller.

The couple survived the encounter, but while the suspect was in the home, he struck Mr. Miller leaving his face bruised, and even attempted to sexually assault his wife.

The couple tells WCBI that what was probably 15 minutes felt like forever.

Macon Police Chief Davine Beck says he arrived at the couple’s house a little after 12 o’clock and he could instantly see the damage to the home.

“Once we got on scene it was obvious that the home was broken into because there was a big cinder block through the window,” said Beck.

Chief Beck says cases like this are rare in the area but you can never be too safe.

“Have your area and your home well lighted. Criminals don’t like a lot of light. Dark areas they can hide in they live that just like roaches they love dark areas and hopefully you have good neighbors that can look out for you,” said Beck.

This crime is still under investigation. No arrests have been made. If you have any information on this case call Macon Police.

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