Make sure you know where to go when severe weather is in your area

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – With severe weather on the radar, you should already have a safety plan.

If there is a chance of severe weather, Monroe County EMA Director Donna Sanderson is ready to do what she can to keep her people safe.

“As soon as we hear that the severe weather is coming through with the threats of a tornado we open up all of the storm shelters in Monroe County,” said Sanderson.

And there’s no excuse not to go.

“Anyone in Monroe County can go to one of the shelters that’s open. A lot of them can bring their pets as long as they are in a kennel,” said Sanderson.

And if you feel like your home isn’t safe it may be a good idea to look for a shelter near you.

WCBI Chief Meteorologist Issac Williams said if you live in a mobile home moving to a sturdier building could save your life.

“The fact of moving yourself from a mobile home to someone’s site-built home and having that extra infrastructure could be enough to save your life,” said Williams.

And before severe weather is even an issue always be sure you know where you would go when the warnings come.

“Always have a severe weather plan and know day or night, weekend, weekday where do I go. whose house can I go to? which friend can I bother? to go to their house for shelter because the last thing you want to do is be in a tornado and not know what you’re supposed to do,” said Williams.

Sanderson said Monroe County residents have an extra warning system available to help keep them in the know.

“Monroe County provided a code red service which is a weather service and you put in your home address and let’s just say the tornado is coming to your address. You can get an alert from code red and it’s free of charge,” said Sanderson.

If you need a place to go during bad weather, you can call your county EMA director for any questions you may have.

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