Video: Marijuana Usage Rising Among College Students

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STARKVILLE, Miss (WCBI)-Marijuana is becoming more popular on college campuses.

In fact, a University of Michigan study shows pot use among college students is at a 35 year high.

Meaning, it’s smoked more than cigarettes.
College students are no longer picking up cigarettes, instead they’re turning to marijuana.

“I’ve been here since 2012 and I don’t think it was as popular then, but now, it’s like widely available to the people here,” MSU student Shavantis Thomas said.

A University of Michigan survey reveals almost six percent of college students use marijuana.

The college students we spoke with say a majority of the people they know use the drug to have a good time.

“Most people use it because of peer pressure,” Thomas said.

“People like to have a fun time with friends, and stuff, I guess, and some people use it to party and stuff,” MSU student John Stanback said.
Marijuana is popular on college campuses all across the U.S. and one of the reasons why is because marijuana is easily accessible to the college students.

“And that’s mainly because most students are selling it themselves, so, easy access,” MSU student Antwanise Harris said.

Smoking the plant is legal in 4 states. It remains illegal in Mississippi and Alabama.

Medical professionals say despite more people lighting up, the health risks remain the same.

MSU’s Director of Health Services Dr. Joyce Yates says students do ask for help.

Yates says there are programs on campus to help students who become addicted to marijuana.

“What MSU wants is for their students to be healthy, and to be safe. And to be healthy and safe, we don’t want students to use drugs. We want them to be healthy, strong, and responsible,” Yates said.

Another scary statistic, nine percent of people who use marijuana, become addicted.

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