Meteorologist Dylan Hudler reports tornado damage from Monroe County

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Rain and wind may have awakened you this morning.

For most people, thunderstorms rolled through communities across central and north Mississippi.

And as WCBI Meteorologist Dylan Hudler reported from Monroe County, there was even tornado damage.

Dylan Huddler:
Dylan Huddler reporting in Southwestern Monroe County right now, right beside Highway 45 alternate and Highway 25 where they intersect. We had a severe thunderstorm, a Supercell thunderstorm moved through this area earlier and produced a tornado debris signature on radar.

And as the National Weather Service in Memphis has now confirmed, a weak tornado did touch down. We talked to 4-County Electric Power crews. They’re repairing some power lines off to my south here. We see there’s some roof damage, pretty substantial roof damage.

There was a front porch with pillars that has now been ripped off and flown by wind to the back of the house. There was also a barn behind the house that looks to be destroyed and pieces of the barn are now laying throughout the field. As you can see, this was really the brunt of the damage. Monroe County EMA director confirms that thankfully no one was at home at the time the tornado hit. No one lives here full-time. This is farming land and a farming house specifically. But we had this complex of gusty storms come through the area this morning.

This one was tornado warned and did in fact produce a weak tornado with this being the most substantial structural damage reported in the area. Chief Meteorologist Isaac Williams was there in the Weather Center this morning reporting, keeping you updated, and went on air before the tornado warning was even issued, minutes before the warning was issued to give you the best heads up of anyone that was in the path of this storm.

Thankfully, this is a fairly rural area of southwestern Monroe County and I talked with the meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Memphis that was down here earlier and they said that there was a porch on the house.

You can see the pillars laying in the front yard and it was completely ripped off when the tornado came through. So again, we have a weak tornado confirmed. We don’t know the exact rating yet, but we’ll be able to give you that information at a later time. Dylan Huddler reporting in southwestern Monroe County.

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