Mississippi approaches second severe weather season

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Though the fall weather is a pleasant relief from the hot summer temperatures, we are entering a severe weather season.

The National Weather Service says Mississippi is approaching its second peak for severe weather.

On average, Mississippi has 30 to 100 tornadoes a year.

During severe storms, many people lose power.

4-County Public Relations Officer Jon Turner has some advice on how people can prepare before the storm.

“But you do know there is some warning coming. So you can prepare to some degree. You should have a certain amount of water, food, and no perishable items that you can get off by on for two or three days in case you don’t have any power. A lot of folks have generators that they can use, but a lot of folks don’t, so you should just be prepared. It is easy enough to put aside some bottles of water and some power bars and some things you can have. If you have children, especially young children put aside formula and things for them,” said Jon Turner, 4-County Public Relations Officer.

4-County’s website offers more ways you can prepare for the severe weather season.

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