MMA hosts contest for ‘Coolest Thing Made in Mississippi’ award

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – The Mississippi Manufacturers Association is hosting its second annual Mississippi Makers Challenge.

All manufacturers in the state of Mississippi are welcome to submit a product, and the MMA will crown the “Coolest Thing Made in Mississippi”.

The submission date started January 30 and is open until Friday, February 10.

Almost 90 manufacturers submitted to the contest this year and more than 130,000 people voted for their favorite product.

President and CEO John McKay said this contest is all about putting the Spotlight on the creativity we have right here in Mississippi.

“We definitely have some great large companies that everybody knows about like Toyota and Nissan and caterpillar and those type companies but we also have a lot of small companies with not a lot of employees that really make incredible things and most people around the state of Mississippi just don’t know what is made in their own back yard. So we started this contest as a way to promote not only manufacturing but individual companies and the stuff that they make,” said McKay.

If you want to vote you can visit and nominate your favorite product in the next few weeks.

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