More money: City of Eupora sees financial increase from sales tax

The City of Eupora is looking at increased sales tax money to help them build their community

EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)- A small town with big dreams. The City of Eupora is looking at increased sales tax money to help them build their community.

Eupora, for the first time, saw over $500,000 come in from sales tax last year. Mayor Blake McMullan said he was happy to see that, but he believed this is only the beginning.

There’s a lot to be proud of in downtown Eupora. The business has picked up and the city is benefiting from increased sales.

In a then-and-now social media post, Mayor Blake McMullan posted a picture of the city’s sales tax collection from 2015 through this year.

The numbers fluctuated, but since 2020 numbers have climbed and for the first time, the city saw over $500,000 come in.

“The biggest impact that you can see from our sales tax numbers is when we have events like 21 teams came to our all-star this summer, and we had 55 thousand that month and so we’re really focusing on getting the community involved and bringing people from other areas that are looking for something to do,” said Mayor Blake McMullan.

People who work and live in the city are thrilled to see others support the town.

“It’s cool to see how many come in and how they are supporting your small town and they don’t even realize how much they’re supporting it because eating locally brings in sales tax to the city and we want to see the city grow,” said Maddie McMullan.

The mayor said that the city could still meet the millage and offer extra incentives to city workers.

He said they have plans for a little extra money, and property taxes will stay the same.

“We didn’t have to raise our property taxes it allowed us to still give our employees a 4% raise while maintaining our same 226% millage rate,” said Mayor Blake McMullan.

The mayor said there is a proposed retail shopping center among other plans for the new year.

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