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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Climate experts, policy makers and nearly 60 MSU students discussed the impact climate change will have on the future, during a broad-based conference hosted by MSU Monday.

Dr. Karen McNeal is an associate professor of geosciences and says the country needs to wake up and have more conversations about  the impact change will have on Mother Nature, taxpayers’ wallets and current and future generations’ lives.

“We can experience much more intense severe storms like we’ve seen over the past several years like Katrina to Superstorm Sandy. We generally now have around 30 days of 90 degrees of more. Fifty years from now we’re looking at 90 days of 90 degree heat. If you’re just thinking about your air conditioning bill, that’s going to go up, you’ll have more hotter days to pay for; if you’re an outside worker, this of course would impact your daily life significantly,” McNeal said.

MSU sophomore Marshall Furrah hopes his fellow students take the discussion seriously.

“There’s so many people who are unaware of the impact this has on the earth. For this generation, we can see it everyday. We’re not going to deal with the effect rights away but our children and grand children and future generations to come will and if we don’t do anything about it. Our generation can save it or reduce from what we will have to deal with when we’re older,” says Furrah.

McNeal wants climate change to remain a hot topic, regardless of political or philosophical views.

“Climate change can sometimes be that word that no one wants to talk about and what we hope is that it’s okay for you and me to have a conversation about it. And it’s okay if we have different perspectives, but we’re going to talk about it,” McNeal says.

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