Municipal election brought in several new faces

NORTH MISSISSIPPI, (WCBI)- New faces in high places is what many towns are seeing following the city elections. Several new mayors, city councilmen, and aldermen have been elected to lead their towns, and each of them said they plan to bring something new to their role in government. Some incumbents weren’t able to retain their seats as mayor; while others didn’t run again. Now, there are new people ready to take on the future for their communities.

Mayor-elect Blake Mcmullan of Eupora said he has been in the town for over 15 years.

“I think we have a lot of residents that are ready to work on Eupora and clean it up and any of these committees that we put together in the next four years we’ll sit together and develop a plan,” said Mcmullan

Part of the plan is to get out the word about Eupora. Mcmullan wants to use technology to make connections and revisit some of the opportunities that were available in the town well before he thought of even becoming mayor.

“Overhaul our website and get our promotions and marketing going. Hopefully, we can get Eupora back to where it was 16 to 20 years ago when they had so many factories here,” said Mcmullan.

History was made in West Point as  Rod Bobo became the first African American mayor in the city. The West Point native said he was thrilled to have made it through the primaries and win the top job.

“I’m ready to push this city forward economically, unify it, and just move us into the future. Staying on the plight that we have as far as economic development is concerned; working with the link and just seeing how we can further West Point to be in the best possible position to win,” said Bobo.

Both mayor-elects said they plan to make an immediate impact in their towns and encourage their communities to embrace them.

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