National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: Honoring sacrifices

WINSTON/CHOCTAW COUNTIES, Miss. (WCBI) – People rarely run into law enforcement officers on the best day of their lives.

Many of those interactions happen when something has gone wrong, and those involved may not see the officers as people who are doing their jobs just like everyone else.

“The officers that work, are working 24/7. They have to miss birthdays, and special occasions with the kids because they have to work to protect the public. And the guys are dedicated to their job. Sometimes, they are the lifeline in critical instances that happen to the public. So, it’s appreciation for the guys on the street who are there to help and help in any way. It is just a small appreciation for them and what they do,” said Winston County Sheriff Mike Perkins.

That job not only includes sacrificing family time; it also can mean putting their safety or even their life on the line.

That’s one of the reasons that January 9 is set aside each year as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Winston County Sheriff Mike Perkins and Ackerman Police Chief Tim Cook said this was a special day for them and their staff.

“It is a nice compliment. It really is. A lot of people talk about police officers nowadays, but I have so many people who appreciate what we do. And that makes an officer feel good. If you see an officer on duty and just say ‘Thank you for what you do every day for us’, it means a lot to us. It is not just words, it’s heartfelt,” said Perkins.

“Knowing that all the people care about law enforcement, means a lot for us out here working. It really means a lot for people to show respect to that,” said Cook.

Both Cook and Perkins said they appreciated the support they got from their communities.

“Just posts. A lot of people post Facebook stuff, just speaking to us out in public. That all means a lot to us as well,” said Cook.

“Just by telling them when you see an officer in Walmart, on the street, or when they come to your house for a call, just tell them you appreciate them. It really means a lot and it is a heartfelt thing when you tell us that you appreciate what we do. I know it’s just words, but it really means a lot to us,” said Perkins.

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