Neon Pig in Tupelo offers ‘pricey pig-out’ with custom prize

The unique experience is a combination of food and fashion

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A popular Tupelo restaurant has a unique menu item that is sure to get some attention.

The Neon Pig is offering its famous “Smashburger” as part of a package deal that pairs food with fashion.

Mitch McCamey is well known for his popular restaurants, Jobos and The Neon Pig. McCamey recently updated the menu at Neon Pig and along with the favorites like loaded fries, the shrimp platter, and bone in ribeye, there is a $1,000 item.

“It is the famous Smashburger which, you know, is made of all these beautiful steak cuts, ribeye, chuck, the most famous bacon in the world, Benton’s bacon,” McCamey said.

Several years ago, the Neon Pig’s Smashburger was voted the best burger in America, so for $1,000, you get the tasty burger with all the trimmings, but that’s not all.

You also get a custom handmade pair of Blue Delta Jeans the very same day.  It is called the “Hometown Blue Delta Burger Deal.”

“We’ve been pals with Mitch for a long time. We started doing events; he was a part of them. What he does is similar to what we do, very organic growth. Farm to table is similar to what we offer at Blue Delta, a very curated experience,” said Brian Baldwin, of Blue Delta Jeans.

Here’s how it all works for those who want the experience. You start at Blue Delta, where you are measured for the custom jeans. Then, it’s off to the Neon Pig for the Smash Burger. By the time you are finished, the jeans are ready.

“We’re all trying to work hard and make amazing products for our patrons, and I’ve seen them grow and watched them, they are a remarkable group of people,” McCamey said.

The first customer for the Hometown Blue Burger Deal is part of the popular sports and pop culture blog called “Barstool Sports.” Barstool’s Mintzy was passing through Tupelo on his way to see Widespread Panic in Memphis when he stopped at the Neon Pig.

“Can’t wait to eat this burger. Supposedly, Chef has some surprises for me, looking forward to eating this burger and getting – my new jeans will be arriving shortly. A helluva Friday,” Mintzy said.

Mintzy enjoyed his Smashburger, before hitting the road in his one-of-a-kind jeans.

For more information on the Hometown Blue Burger Deal, call Blue Delta Jeans at (888)963-7879 or The Neon Pig at (662)269-2533.

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