New clock could bring new look to Winona

WINONA, Miss. (WCBI) – Thanks to some state funds downtown Winona could soon have a new look.

Plans are underway to construct a clock tower in the middle of downtown.

State Senator Lydia Chassaniol, along with the city, has been working to raise money for the project.

During the legislative session, the state agreed to help out.

Now they are waiting for the funds to come in.

The tower will use the old courthouse clock to tie together old and new.

The hope is for the tower to revitalize the city.

“It’s going to be pretty tall. It will be tall enough actually for a big transport truck to drive under and then we will have a reviewing stand, said senator Chassaniol. “It will have an area where we can have bands, or have events take place. We are hoping it’s so attractive people might want to come here and propose marriage

The city is still waiting for some additional funding before starting construction.

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