Video: New Payment Plan for 4-County Electric Customers

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Customers with 4-County Electric Power Association now have a new way to pay their bill.  The utility which serves customers in all or part of seven counties says customers can now take control of their bill by paying what they want, when they want.

“Now it works on your budget.  If it works for you to pay $100 a week, if it works for you to pay $10 a day, you control it as opposed to having to come up with $100 or $150 or whatever it is for one big bill at the end of the month,” says 4-County Spokesman Jon Turner.

With the new prepay plan, customers don’t have to pay a security deposit and will no longer have a monthly bill, which also means no more late payment fees or disconnect charges.

“I love the fact that I get an email everyday telling me how much I’ve used, how much money I have left on there.  I can pay as I go.  I know how much I use everyday and when it gets down to $20, it sends me a text to tell me I’m low and that I have to add money.  I can keep up with what I actually use everyday,” says Prepay customer Leslie Mooney.

Starkville customer Jason Polk believes that the Prepay plan would simplify the payment process.

“It’s very convenient. You put money in and they explain it very well.  It’s like putting gas in your car.  You put gas in your car, you run it for days and when you need to put more gas in, you put more in,” says Polk.

Company officials say Prepay users will be more aware of their power usage and can manage it better in the program. 4-County Electric is one of the first utilities in the country to offer its customers a non-traditional way of paying their bill.

“So now that we have our meters that we can read everyday and we can remotely connect and disconnect, it makes sense to be able to do it.  So there’s not a demand necessarily, but I think as more and more people get involved in this and more and more utility companies go to it, this is the way you’re going to see it,” says Turner.

Prepay customers only need $50 to open an account.  The program is available to new and existing customers.

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