New social media app pops up on Mississippi State campus

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – Social media is looking to make a positive impact on the Mississippi State campus.

A new app that works like a private Twitter, may provide students with a safe space to chat anonymously.

The social media app FIZZ is bubbling up in conversation among students at MSU.

Will the app stand the test of time or will it fizzle away?

We caught up with two FIZZ ambassadors who think it’s here to stay for the long haul.

The new social media app is making noise on Mississippi State University’s campus.

It’s an app, only available to college students, with the exception of 20 moderators.

Fizz allows students to post anonymously about questions, memes, events, and anything that comes to mind.

An MSU email is required to make an account on the app.

Kaitlyn, a FIZZ ambassador, said that cuts down on outside interference and keeps the conversations relevant to university life.

“It’ll be better for students because it’ll give us more of a forum to talk about campus-related things without having people outside of the campus giving input. So it kinda cuts down on there being random adults on there and maybe high school students, instead it’s just for the college,” said Kaitlyn.

Sammy, another ambassador, said the app offers a space, especially for freshman and transfer students.

“With this class of freshman being one of the biggest classes of freshman coming in, obviously there’s gonna be a lot more people in Starkville. They’re not gonna know a lot of things. There are also a lot of things on campus you don’t know until like your senior year and you can ask questions there anonymously and no one can really pinpoint who’s asking it so it’s more of a safe place to ask those questions,” said Sammy.

Kaitlyn has high hopes for the app. She hopes it’ll be different from the others in the past.

“Hopefully it’ll be less chaotic and toxic as YikYak and some of the Snapchat groups can be,” said Kaitlyn.

The app is only available on the Apple app store for now.

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