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PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI) – Students in three North Mississippi counties will be using new interactive technology as they learn. Educators in Pontotoc, Union and Lee counties will launch a 12-week pilot project to research how to improve student learning through technology.

School officials in North Mississippi say using a new technology could enhance student learning, raise student engagement and improve overall achievement.

“We started two years ago looking at expanding technology into the classrooms in the areas that we serve. We realize it’s such a vital part and we think it levels the playing fiel

d for our students here in North Mississippi,” says project manager Roger Browning of Three Rivers Planning & Development District.

Twenty four classrooms in eight school districts in Pontotoc, Union and Lee counties will receive the technology packages free of charge. The University of Mississippi will help collect the data from the project over a 12-week period.

Sr. Vice President of  e-Instruction Samir Joglekar,

says the education tech company has been collecting data since 1981.

“We’ve already seen over many years in the marketplace, marked improvements and gains in math and science and all forms of education bringing and utilizing our technology in the classroom,” says Joglekar.

The technology package includes an interactive touch-board and response devices for students as well as a mobile touch-board for teachers.

Pontotoc Middle School teacher Shanna Daniel says using the technology is easy for students and teachers.

“I think overall, with all the technology that I’ve ever used that this is by far the simplest technology. It’s easy to integrate with the resources I already have and for the students, it’s very easy for them to learn,” says Daniel.

The technology provides real-time feed back for teachers allowing them to make adjustments for each student’s learning capabilities.

The technology project is scheduled to begin in about 2 weeks.

Other groups involved in the project include the Governor’s Office and the Appalachian Regional Commission.

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