Newest crime fighting tool on the job in Chickasaw County

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Chickasaw County has a new crime-fighting tool – a Dutch Shepherd named “Rex.”

The newly built “Obedience Course” at the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department is being put to good use.

K-9 Handler Bo Yeatman is working with the sheriff department’s new K-9, Rex, a 2-year-old dual-purpose dog.

“Not only does he do detection work as far as narcotics, he also does patrol and tracking, stuff like that,” said Deputy Yeatman.

The sheriff’s department found itself in need of a new crime-fighting K-9 after its previous dog was retired because of an on-duty injury.

Deputy Yeatman said his new partner is highly intelligent with incredible capabilities.

“We would never be able to understand how their nose works, it’s awesome, they can break odors down, as far as smelling as what is in the air now. Instead of us feeling a breeze, they would actually be able to tell us what is across that field right now,” said Deputy Yeatman.

Rex has been in training for the past six weeks in Indiana and in this area.

The community also played a big role in helping the sheriff’s department get their new K-9.

“Money is always tight and I tell you, Chickasaw County, people here are really receptive with the department, they helped us buy several pieces of equipment and this is such a big benefit for citizens and law enforcement in Chickasaw County. There are lots of times we are on drug searches, manhunts, building searches, you just can’t beat the nose of a dog,” said Chickasaw County Sheriff Jim Meyers.

Rex and Officer Yeatman will soon start visiting local schools, giving K-9 crime-fighting demonstrations.

K-9s live with their handlers. So Officer Yeatman and his family share their home with both Rex and Nagod.

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