Non-traditional methods to fight the flu

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The flu season is off to a slow start in our area, compared to this time last year.

In fact, 12 months ago Tamiflu was hard to find.

If you want to be prepared, there are some non-traditional methods to treat your symptoms.

Health experts fear the flu could be spreading in Mississippi.

In fact, 500 students in Clinton were out sick on Tuesday.

If it becomes a growing issue here, some pharmacists believe there are other treatments that you may not find on every store shelf.

Pharmacist Robert White says the peak time for flu season use to be around March, but the last several years it has started much earlier.

Knowing different types of treatments can help you make a decision much quicker when the flu strikes.

Tamiflu is known to be the most popular.

“It makes you feel like you don’t have the flu, so you take the Tamiflu for five days and when you finish it, you feel much better and while taking it, you don’t have the flu symptoms. You may have some side effects like upset stomach, but you don’t have the flu symptoms.”

It’s not the only option out there.

“Oscillococcinum that you’ve heard of, that became famous last year, even though it’s been on the planet for literally 100 years. It works sort of like Tamiflu, but the symptoms just go magically away, that in combination with black elderberry, that a lot of people have found out about. That’s a great combo. Taking big dosages of Vitamin C will help boost the immune system.”

Robert’s Apothecary has about half a dozen products customers use to try and help them feel better.

“I have a particularly good liquid probiotic that helps to kill viruses, so that’s good as well, and then there is a new product that came out last year that has a blend of about six different herbs.”

Of course, there are some tried and true recipes for feeling better and they are probably already in your home.

“Taking Tylenol or Aspirin. Drinking lots and lots of water. Chicken noodle soup, homemade is great, or canned even works for some reason and helps with viral infections.”

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