Local ministry helps Jackson area homeowners find hop after devastating floods


JACKSON, MISS. (WCBI) – A Northeast Mississippi based ministry helped residents in Jackson whose homes were flooded after heavy rains.

Volunteers with “Eight Days of Hope” helped many homeowners who have lost all their possessions.

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As Trina Blackmon packed her pots, pans, a volunteer with Eight Days of Hope was busy trying to salvage the Blackmon’s new garbage disposal.

“The water just came fast, all of a sudden, just a few hours, it was up,” said Blackmon.

Trina and her husband Darrell have lived in their home on Cypress Trail for nearly 30 years and have seen heavy rains before, but the recent record rainfall sent the nearby Pearl River out of its banks and into their home.

Trina and her husband heeded a mandatory evacuation. When they were able to return a few days later, their home was devastated by the floodwaters.

Once residents could get back into their homes, teams with Pontotoc County based “Eight Days of Hope” were on scene, as part of the ministry’s “Rapid Response” Initiative.

“We’re here in the neighborhood, mucking out, or mudding out, we take belongings from the homes, most is going to the street, separated into piles, we remove carpet, padding, floors, take drywall, off walls, then pull all nails, clean it well, we come back and spray a chemical that will kill mold,” said Tom Faulkner, event manager with Eight Days of Hope.

Driving down the street, it’s easy to see areas hit hard by flooding as piles of debris and think of it as just trash, but for each family, each item had a special memory.

So to have Eight Days of Hope come in and start the cleanup process was a big help.

“These are my angels and I have told everybody, these are truly angels sent from heaven and I love all of them, they come in and do what they need to do, not asking any questions and they are sending out a whole lot of prayers, we have prayed so much,” said Blackmon.

Other residents, like Pastor Betty Johnson, said the work done by Eight Days of Hope volunteers will leave lasting positive impacts.

“They have truly shown love of Jesus like never before, they are one of the only agencies you see going round and round, helping,” said Dr. Johnson.

All work done by Eight Days of Hope was at no cost to the homeowner. The work buillt friendships, helped homeowners save money and let volunteers put hands and feet to their Christian faith