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ALICEVILLE, AL. (WCBI) – A Noxubee County case surrounding the disappearance of an Alabama woman remains cold after 13 years. You may remember the disappearance of Sheila Hughes of Aliceville who was pregnant and an due to deliver a baby around this time in 2000.

Weeks after her disappearance, some of her personal items were found in a field in Noxubee County. Beyond that discovery, there are no clues in the case.

All that Debra Hughes has is the memory of her younger sister Sheila, and the photos in a family album she clutches like treasures. That eventful September day and early morning will always remain fresh in her mind.

“And I looked in her bedroom and I said Sheila hadn’t made it home yet. So I took me two Tylenol, ate me some cereal because I had a headache and went back to bed. Once I got up that morning again and realized she wasn’t there I knew something wasn’t right,” said Debra Hughes, sister of the victim.

According to Debra Hughes, the fact that her sister’s companion wanted her to abort the unborn baby threw up a red flag.

“I know she left with him that night, now what happened after one o’clock, between one and three he said he dropped her off I have no clue. But I know approximately ten thirty pm September 1st she left with her baby’s father Renard Simmons.”

Although Debra Hughes and their mother Ruthie Dell Hughes remain hopeful, they have since signed her death certificate. If the baby she was carrying is alive she/he would be about in the 7th grade now. There are still many unanswered questions as the missing woman’s family think of what might have been if she was still around.

“I mean I have two daughters that was in third grade and fourth grade when she came up missing. Now one is the assistant manager at Dollar general in Northport. The younger an LPN at Ethelsville Manor Nursing Home. She would be real proud,” said Hughes.

Sheila Hughes disappeared 13 years ago Sunday. According to Hughes’ sister Debra, Sheila would always take the lead when it came to preparing for holiday celebrations.

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