Noxubee County honors 6-year-old for brave actions

6-year-old Bryana Cook was recognized for calling 911

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A young girl’s bravery and quick thinking likely saved her mother’s life after a medical emergency.

We brought this story to you in November after six-year-old Bryana Cook was recognized in Lowndes County for calling 911 after the car she was in with her mother ran off the road and into the woods in Noxubee County.

The Noxbuee County Sheriff’s Department celebrated the little girl for staying on the phone with emergency services for over two hours and leading deputies to find her.

It was a call that led emergency services on a more than two-hour hunt to find Bryana Cook after her mother suffered a medical emergency while driving.

“I knew my granny’s and 911 phone number and I talked to the policeman and Mrs. Tanya,” Bryana Cook said.

The little girl and her mother were traveling down Highway 21/39 in Noxubee County when their car ran into this woodline. Bryana Cook said while she was waiting for help she had an idea.

“I opened the door and my mom’s door was stuck with a branch. I opened my door and I got out of the car and I waved my hands,” Bryana Cook said.

Noxubee County Chief Deputy Dontevis Smith was the one who found Bryana Cook and her mother. He said it was a search that seemed never-ending.

“In your mind, you like I can’t give up. I can’t give up. I can’t stop looking because you know that’s somebody’s child,” Smith said.

Finally, after hours of searching and cooperating with Lowndes County Emergency Services, Smith was able to spot the vehicle about 70 yards from the highway.

“As I was walking down towards the wood line the only way I was able to see the vehicle was the reflection of the tail light on the back of the car. Once I saw the taillight on the back of the vehicle that’s when I started rushing in and said I got her I got her,” Smith said.

Bryana Cook’s mother, Yolanda Jackson Cook said they had never sat down to discuss what to do during an emergency.

“I know we talked about if something happens call Granny and let her know so she knew that much. So, she knew to get my phone and to call my mom and to let her know hey we were in trouble. I think this is where we are. I’m not sure but mom needs help,” Yolanda Cook said.

Yolanda Cook said she is thankful for emergency services going above and beyond and she is proud to say Bryana Cook is her hero.

“It’s an amazing feeling. There are no words to really describe how I feel. I don’t think Bryana understands the magnitude of her courageous act on October 23, but I am grateful for her. I am grateful for everyone who helped us on that day to make sure that we were okay,” Yolanda Cook said.

The Noxubee County Sheriff’s office presented Bryana Cook with the honorary “Shero Award” and they came together to surprise her with a box full of new toys.

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