Noxubee County School Districts provides students with hot spots

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) —  Virtual learning can be hard and not having adequate access to the internet can make it almost impossible.

That’s why educators say these new hotspots provided to students in Noxubee County School District, can really make a difference.

“Those students that need the Wi-Fi, for us to go ahead and send it out, they might have devices but they might not have the Internet or any Wi-Fi at their house to do the assignment on those devices,” said Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax.

From a teacher’s perspective?

“It will allow the teachers to be able to interact better with our students,” said Broadnax. “Be able to engage students in the instruction. Be able to allow teachers to be able to communicate effectively with students and parents.”

With the school district taking the virtual learning route, parent Patricia Brooks said safety for her child is the number one concern during this pandemic.

Brooks said having the proper tools for virtual learning is helpful.

“They can’t fend for themselves and us being adults we have to look out for the kids,” said Brooks. “So I think the hotspots are going to be great for the kids.”

Brooks is hoping by next year, everything will get back to normal.

“I think the hotspot will help prepare the kids with the virtual learning and hopefully next year, with the pandemic especially if they get this vaccine going, hopefully, kids will be back in school at some point next year or some part of next year,” said Brooks.

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