Organizations around the Friendly city help a family with home repairs

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – For one couple in the Friendly City, a simple phone call saved their home.

People from across Mississippi banded together today to help clean up around the couple’s home after they called on a neighbor for help.

Meet Chris Hannon and Adele Elliott. Their home sits at 509 6th Street South. If you look closely, you’ll see down trees, damaged floorboards, and other needed repairs.

Those damages left the couple at risk of potentially losing their home.

But, their former neighbor stepped in to help. Ryan Munson didn’t hesitate to lend a hand.

“So about a year and a half ago, I was doing a lot of clean-up projects on the south side and kind of organizing little teams and picking up garbage and to clean up the city and one of the neighbors mentioned picking up the yard over here,” said Munson.

But, the suggestion lead to something bigger.

“Basically he remembered me and the homeowner called me about a month ago and said hey man I think I’m going to lose my homeowners insurance which might later lead to losing my home is there anything you can do to help do some cleanup and I said ill see what I can do,” said Munson

After a few calls, Munson said community members were offering an overwhelming amount of support.

” I was hoping that we would get about 30 or 40 people that would help us do a clean-up and try to fix some things but I was blown away by the response.”

Over 70 people from across the Magnolia State were ready to pick up the pieces.

Hannon and Elliott moved from New Orleans in 2005. Hurricane Katrina swept away their possessions, leaving the family with little to nothing. That’s when they decided to move to Columbus.

The duo knew the Friendly City would hold up to the motto. Hannon and Elliott watched dozens fill trash bags, do yard work, and tend around the home.

“To be honest with you I’m not the least bit surprised at all that these people have come together and that’s what Mississippians do that’s what people from this wonderful state do they come together during times of need and neighbors help neighbors,” said Elliott.

The couple is unable to complete the chores on their own, so they’re grateful for all the acts of kindness from volunteers.

“There’s very very little that we can do and Ryan did a lot for us and the dream people did so much for us and they have just been so charming, ” said Hannon.

And Ryan Munson said making one phone call proved that when you call the people in the community anything is possible.

“It’s very humbling, to be honest, I’m, not anybody but a liaison who called the right people and it feels really really good to see everyone come together and that is what this community does. When there is a need we fill it. It’s awesome,” said Munson.

Generous donations were made from other community organizations.

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