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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Some Lowndes County parents are concerned for their children’s safety after deputies say Tyquan Lucious brutally assaulted a school bus driver, as he was making his last stop in Artesia late last week.

“I think they should have like security or something on the bus, or someone to help while the children are getting on and off the bus,” said parent Tameka Brown.

Now parents say they want to see changes – including family members of the victim, who asked not to be identified.

“It’s hard for the bus drivers to drive, and then manage any disorderly conduct that’s occurring behind them,” said one family member.

This is the second time a Lowndes County school bus driver has been attacked this year, but Superintendent Lynn Wright feels confident in current security measures.

“I don’t know that we need to necessarily implement any changes,” Wright said. “Some of the policies that we have, or the policies we have right now seem to be working pretty effectively.”

Wright says no one’s allowed on the bus, while there are students on board, unless they get permission from the driver or the school district.

He’s since reviewed surveillance video of the incident, and says the bus driver was just trying to maintain control in an unruly situation.

“There were some phone calls that were made from the students, who were upset with the bus driver, and then some people had received a phone call, arrived at the bus stop, entered the bus, and the bus driver was struck. he had no idea it was coming,” Wright said.

The bus driver was then left with a fractured jaw, broken nose, and black eye.

It’s a violent act parents say could’ve been prevented.

“This never should’ve happened, because this bus driver was our father, he’s a husband, he’s a grandfather, he’s a friend, and he’s a really good person, and this really never should have happened, and we hope that this doesn’t happen again,” a family member said.

Deputies tell WCBI they’re charging Lucious with aggravated assault on a school bus driver, which is a felony.

Wright doesn’t believe it’ll be too long before the bus driver will go back to work.

He has surgery, Tuesday.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    If the measures are effective, why is this the second attack Mr. Wright?

    Additionally, is Mr. Wright implying that the bus driver permitted this monster onto the school bus?

  • Tim

    First the low life scum bag that commited this crime should have the same done to him or they should strp him to the front of the bus and let the driver return the favor! If any student acts up they should get in trouble for not following the rules. If they get in trouble the second time then they should be kicked off the bus for the year and let the parents have to get them to and from school. Main thing if they, the children, were raised right at home then there would be no problems at school or on the bus. It’s time to get back to the basics!

  • Anna

    Totally agree with Tim!
    Lowndes County School District needs a ZERO tolerance policy. Obviously what they are doing is not effective.
    The parents there should be outraged that their hard earned tax dollars are not working for them and demand action from THEIR district. Let’s see if they continue to drop the ball on safety in that district.

  • A student

    Tim, you have some points but who are you to judge, i was raised and taught that only one person can be the judge and prosecutor so if you was raised right you’ll know and understand that its wrong to make judgemental slanders against people especially if you don’t know the whole story. The bus driver had to let ,whoever, on the bus to be attacked and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t attacked just for making his last stop that evening. its more to the story and somebody is trying to cover it up to either protect their own image or title.

  • paul

    Please believe that there was 1 right and 1 wrong in this whole matter. Point being, whoever, assault a public servant,should be punished and caused to pay restitution. The wheels are turning, the law will take its course, and hopefully, as citizens, we can unite and address other day to day problems in our communities. Remember, this is reality…in Columbus, Lowndes County Mississippi!!!

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