PayPal quits Facebook’s Libra digital currency project

What makes Facebook’s Libra different?

PayPal is pulling out of Facebook’s digital currency project, known as Libra, a blow to the social media company amid mounting scrutiny of its plan to build an alternative payments system.
The digital payments company said Friday it is withdrawing from the Libra Association and plans to focus on its existing businesses.
Facebook has presented Libra as a currency that could be used for digital payments, particularly outside the U.S. It would be backed by real currency, unlike other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Etherium.

Facebook questioned over cryptocurrency plans

But financial regulators as well as members of Congress have questioned Facebook’s motives at creating a new digital currency, particularly in light of criticisms that Facebook’s business model is too invasive into its users’ privacy. 

In a July hearing on Capitol Hill, senators from both parties demanded to know why a company with massive market power and a record of scandals should be trusted to develop a payments system given the potential for fraud, abuse and criminal activity. 

Facebook executives say Libra poses no threat to users’ privacy, pledging not to combine data on people’s social activity with information on how they use the payment system.

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