Pelosi distributes memo to House Democrats ahead of Mueller hearing

Ahead of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress on Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has distributed a 6-page memo to House Democrats telling them to “fight for our national security” by safeguarding the U.S. election process. 

The memo, which was obtained by CBS News, cites “key findings” from Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. But while Pelosi’s memo offers a damning assessment of the president’s behavior, it makes no mention of impeachment, an issue that has roiled the Democratic caucus since the spring. 

“Democrats will close gaps in existing law, bolster our defenses and uphold the balance of powers enshrined in our sacred Constitution, honoring our oath: investigate, litigate, legislate. Nothing less than the integrity of our democracy, the rule of law and national security are at stake,” the memo, titled “Exposing the Truth,” reads. 

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In a broad outline of her party’s legislative priorities in the wake of the Mueller report, Pelosi tells her colleagues to secure and defend the U.S. election process, prevent foreign interference and influence, and end corruption and abuse of power in politics. 

“The effort by multiple Committees has relied on a robust hearing, legislative and litigation strategy that will continue to unfold over the coming weeks and months,” the memo said. 

In a jab at the Trump administration, the memo says House Democrats intend to advance legislation that prohibits the creation of false documents by the Office of the President and ends “presidential interference in law enforcement decisions.”

As a guide in advance of Wednesday’s back-to-back hearings with the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, the memo also lists some of the report’s conclusions, including Mueller’s assessment that the Russian government attacked the U.S election process in a “sweeping and systemic fashion” to help elect Mr. Trump in 2016. The memo also delves into the 10 instances of potential obstruction of justice analyzed by the special counsel.

“Our Democratic House Majority will continue to fight for our national security by securing our elections, safeguarding our democracy and holding the President accountable – because no one is above the law,” the memo read. 

Muller is slated to spend three hours before the Judiciary Committee and two before the Intelligence Committee. But Democratic staffers do not expect Mueller to give lengthy, extensive answers to lawmakers’ questions, and are instead anticipating “yes” or “no” answers or very short sentences. However, Democrats also say that their hearings will nonetheless help Americans better understand the report. 

Rebecca Kaplan and Ed O’Keefe contributed reporting. 

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