People are hitting the campgrounds for Memorial Day

For some in the area, the campground will be where they'll spend the long Memorial Day weekend

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- For some in the area, the campground will be where they’ll spend the long Memorial Day weekend.

Lake Lowndes is a weekend home for some people for the holidays and Memorial Day weekend is one that draws a large crowd. Several people have set up for their relaxing weekend at the campground.

There’s a process before the enjoyment starts.

“It takes a little bit of preparation and getting ready, I work out of town and we come in and get ready to go to the store and get stuff you know it’s a pretty long drawn-out thing,” said Tilmon Burtes.

Campers come out and have some fun on the water or stay dry and just enjoy nature.

“I absolutely love nature and I love like coming and doing these things, it can definitely be a lot at times because you don’t get everything you get in your home but I think it’s really just great to be able to come out here and experience the things you don’t get to experience at home,” said Makayla Sloan.

Some enjoy it for another reason.

“Food all the food, getting to get on the boat and enjoy with friends and stuff mainly just sitting around and talking, not busy life just being able to sit around and relax,” said Tanda Pettit.

Campers will be out here all weekend not only spending time with friends and family but also remembering the lives of the fallen soldiers that served this country.

“It’s a time to think about the past to be proud of who you are and the place that you live and be honored to live in the United States of America,” said Pettit.

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