Video: Police Officer Makes Rescue


Starkville, Miss. (WCBI) — Starkville police responded to a call where a seven year old girl fell into a drainage ditch.

The incident happened around four o’clock Thursday near White Road and Old West Point Road, when the girl was playing with her sister outside.

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Shift Sergeant George Coleman eventually found the girl and brought her to safety, but he said the girl traveled “several hundred yards” down a “zig-zag” of a drainage ditch.

Coleman also said the water was “really high and moving really fast.”

Coleman, a father of two, said when he received the call, “I didn’t remember going down the stairs [of the police department], I remember getting in my car and going, and I got there as safely as possible, along with my whole shift. We all got there and searched high and low and then she was found.”

The girl, who’s name is not being released, was sent to Oktibbeha County Hospital and was deemed safe, and returned home with her parents.

“A lot of things in this job happen, some are bad, some are good…”, said Coleman, “…but this was a great day we got the child back…”