Police share “disturbing” photos of deer with arrows in their bodies

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Oregon State Police (OSP) released “disturbing” photos of live deer with arrows embedded in their bodies. Alarmed by the images, hunting and archery groups are offering a $2,600 award to help catch the person or people responsible. 

In a Facebook post, OSP said troopers responded to a calls in Shady Cove last Friday of a deer that had been shot with an arrow which was still stuck in the animal. Upon further information, they discovered up to three deer could have arrows protruding them. 

OSP provided pictures with a warning that they may be “disturbing.” The images show two deer — one of them with an arrow in its neck and another with an arrow in its face. 

Oregon State Police/Facebook

According to OSP, while the injuries to the deer don’t appear to be “life-threatening” — it signals a deeper problem for the environment. 

“Poaching wildlife and damaging habitats affects present and future generations of wildlife, impacts communities and the economy, and creates enforcement challenges,” OSP wrote in the Facebook post.

The Oregon Hunters Organization and local archery shops pledged a total of $2,600 to catch whoever did it.

The state’s department of Wildlife and Fish lists archery season for hunting deer from mid-August to late September and mid-November to mid-December for the Western Oregon region.

Facebook users were outraged at the sight of the images online, some considering it malevolent.

“I am a bow hunter,” one commenter said. “These deer were not shot for hunting or for the purpose of food. This is a malicious act.”

Another said: “This was the act of a hunter. A hunt would have used a broadhead or something deadly. Sick people man.”


Oregon State Police and local hunting groups are trying to catch whoever shot arrows at live deer. 

Oregon State Police/Facebook

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