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COLUMBUS, Miss. — The Columbus Police Department has received information of a possible scam via the use of cellular phone calls from persons posing as representatives of the Publishers Clearing House.

The caller is that of a male with a foreign accent who attempts to solicit and convince the victim that he or she is the winner of a $250,000.00 cash prize from Publishers Clearing House.

The caller instructs the potential victim to call several telephone numbers to obtain an Identifying Number then call the caller back.

The caller then instructs the victim to proceed to a local Wal-Mart and or Walgreens Store to meet the Publishers Clearing House Representative and purchase a Vanilla Bac-search card in the amount of $98.

The caller advises that this purchase is needed in order for the winner to receive his/her Gold Seal Stamp.

Persons receiving any such call should exercise extreme caution in releasing any personal information or withdrawing funds from their account. Verification should be done with the proper authorities before any such action is taken by the supposed winner.

Winners of legal prizes are normally notified via Certified Mail or other reputable sources.

Anyone receiving a call like the above referenced is urged to notify the Columbus Police Department and retain the calling number or numbers.

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