Video: Prayer Vigil Held In Response To Violence Nationwide

HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) — Around 100 people from all over Chickasaw County came to Houston Monday for a prayer vigil in response to the violence nationwide, especially involving law enforcement.

City leaders, county leaders, and law enforcement from all over the county came to Joe Brigance Memorial Park to hear from religious leaders in the community.

“We felt that this is a great opportunity for us to come together as a union”, said Houston Mayor Stacey Parker.

Parker also said the goal is “coming to understand the meaning, or the will to understand that God has a plan for us, in this community and for others around the world.”

Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles said the big turnout, “means a whole lot for all our officers and everybody else. It’s sad, all that’s going on. We just hope we can get it straightened out, get the community back together.”

Parker, who organized the vigil, said the vigil is a way for this community to give back to the communities that have been affected by the violence. Parker also said he hopes other communities would do the same for them, and others.

Parker also said the vigil is a way to show support for their law enforcement.

“Lord knows we don’t want anything happening to [law enforcement]. They protect us, they give an oath, they fight for us. They fight for the criminal and we’re here to fight for them as well.”

Parker also hopes the vigil brings the community of all backgrounds and upbringings closer together.

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