Prepping for cold weather: Protecting pipes from freezing

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Temperatures are expected to dip below freezing early next week, making winter preparations a priority for a lot of people in our viewing area.

Almost every hardware store in Columbus ran out of faucet covers in 2022 when a big cold front hit the city.

Keyton Blocher is the sales manager for Military Hardware.

In 2022, he showed customers how to make homemade faucet covers to protect their pipes, if they waited until the last minute to prep.

He listed a few items you may need on your winter weather prep checklist.

“We actually made it a point to stock up on a lot of the things everybody in town ran out of last year in preparation. If we run into the scenario again which it seems like we’re going to, we have faucet covers, snow and ice salts, and heat tapes. We’ve got pipe insulation. We also, if need be again this year, can make homemade faucet covers if everybody in town runs out of them. I can teach people how to do that again. But if people do have issues with their pipes or something bursts, they can always give us a call. We have a bunch of contractors that we work with that we trust that we like to recommend,” said Blocher.

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