Prestigious Mississippi high school gears up to recruit students

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi is ranked 43 in the nation in education, but there is some good news.

The state recorded its highest graduation rate last year, and many schools are making changes to help their students succeed.

But one school has seemingly hit upon the formula for success, and it is looking to add more students to its roster.

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is in Columbus on the campus of Mississippi University for Women.

Last year, it boasted a 100% graduation rate.

The school is gearing up for an open house this weekend to find about 130 new students for the next school year and put their knowledge to the test.

For over 30 years, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science has led Mississippi’s high schools in academic achievement and expectations.

“Mississippi was the fourth state in the nation to put together a school like this, and that came from the vision of Governor William Winter. And so we were the legislation that founded us was done in 1987,” Executive Director Donnie Cook said.

From Emmy Award winner Anthony Paxton Lim to ivy league alums, gifted students from all over the state of Mississippi come to Columbus to expand their minds and prepare for their future and what’s unique about this program.

“Our school is provided at no cost to students with the exception of a modest room and board fee, and if somebody is on free and reduced lunches, they don’t have to pay that fee so the school itself is not a tuition-based school,” Cook said.

And the school continues its push for modern education.

“And they do what’s called they do a Connect program where some of those teachers who are fainting are teachers are wonderful, and so they provide an opportunity for students in rural districts who may not want to come here to take some of our courses from their home,” Cook said.

And for parents and students who would like a chance at this experience, Cook encouraged them to come to the open house and see it for themselves.

“We’ll let them talk to some of our students. That’s the key that we love when they talk to our students and prospective students. I think it takes way more. They put a lot more merit and what our students say than what I might say,” Cook said.

MSMS will host a special tour this Saturday, January 28. You can register for the tour by clicking here.

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