How to protect your pets, plants, and pipes during colder weather


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Temperatures over the next few days are expected to dip near 20 degrees.

Pets, plants, and pipes are among some of the most common things that need protection from the cold.

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“A lot of it is just common sense. If you’re freezing, your pets probably are too,” said Columbus-Lowndes Human Society director Karen Johnwick.

She recommends bringing outside pets inside.

“If they are strictly outside, then you can get the hay or the straw. That’s going to warm up their bedding in their dog houses or their garage, wherever they’re at,” said Johnwick.

Plants will need a little extra attention with the cold front as well.

“Tropical plants of course, that can’t handle freezes, have to be carried in. Camellias, we have one sitting back here, if you want them to save their flowers, you’re going to have to do something to cover them up so the flowers don’t all get frozen,” said Smith Landscaping owner Alan Smith.

Smith says to cover your plants with fabric instead of plastic.

“Plastic gets really cold, so it’s liable to burn the plant. Whereas this will not. If you have a sheet, an old bedsheet, just throw it over there. It’ll keep the plant looking pretty and fresh. 20 degrees is what they’re talking about tomorrow night and that’s really not bad,” said Smith.

Brandon Black with Southern Pipe said there’s one thing people always forget to take care of.

“The biggest problem that we see most of the time is people forget to disconnect their hoses outside. Even though the hose bin may be turned off, there is water in that hose and that is what usually will come back on the outside hose and cause it to freeze,” said Black.

He said it’s also important to insulate exposed pipes, especially if they are red or blue.

“If you see open pipes, put insulation around them. It’s a very cheap fix, and it’s something where it’s not going to cause you thousands of dollars down the line,” said Black.

Black says a little money upfront could save you a pretty penny later.

“Just leave a faucet dripping at night. I know some people are going to say they don’t want their water bill to go up, it’s not going to go up that much, and it’s going to save you a lot of trouble, heart-ache, and money down the line,” said Black.

Experts also said it’s important to make sure your pet’s water bowl is not frozen.